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47 years old 🙏💯
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“stiffness” can actually be a very attractive quality when it comes to sport performance.
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The term “tendon stiffness” refers to the amount of force that is required to stretch a tendon a certain length. When a tendon requires a lot of force to be stretch its elasticity (ability to snap back) is greater. In this video, the step before the jump allows for a stretch of the tendon. The recoil of the stretched tendon transfers its elastic energy that it has absorbed into the working muscles and allows them to contract at a higher velocity; without having to take a lot of time to build the force required for a high take-off velocity.
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When beastmode hits you hard!!
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Bodybuilder Fact: cause even when u resting... u not really resting! 😅💪🏽
🇮🇹 perché anche quando riposi.... non sei veramente a riposo! 😅💪🏽 #constantflexing
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Meu irmão @brunomoraesbodybuilder gigante de músculo, gigante de coração! Tmj 💪🏼👊🏼💢

Presente para minha princesa que havia guardado para  dar a ela quando voltassemos do #Acb2017  mas como eu nao me aguentei dei antes kkkkkkkk  agradecimento maior  e para ela  haha.. e so poderia ser a ela minha princesa @alinemgf . A que me aturou todos os dias de zero carbo (vice versa kkkk ) , a que fez diversas refeicoes para mim , a que me apoiou / apoia sempre do inicio ao fim , que me ajuda quando eu preciso a que me completa por inteiro .Por isso  somos isso amor, respeito , cumplicidade , mt quimica,  amizade e calor ... E essa vibe ngm nunca vai tirar pq alem de nos sermos totalmente ligados com mesmo objetivos nos somos #BLINDADOS por Deus 📿💑❤🏅🏆 EU TE AMO MINHA PRINCESA , MEU MAIOR PRESENTE , MINHA MAIOR VITORIA , E CONQUISTA... FOI HA ANOS TE CONQUISTAR E SABER A PESSOA QUE VC SE TORNOU PARA MIM .

Any given Sunday


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Chest day today; forever trying to create the perfect proportions 💎
I advise men to prioritize upper chest in their chest workouts most of the time. Easy rule of thumb is if you do 5 chest exercises, do 3 different incline movements, 1 flat angle movement and 1 decline movement. Start with an incline movement; basic incline press or flies work great.
When your upper chest begins growing at a faster rate than your lower chest, that will be the most rapid way to improve your proportions or, "get more aesthetic" 👌
If anyone has questions on chest training, comment below! I'll reply to as many as I can for the rest of the day. Hope everyone's having a great Sunday!!
Tank by @jed_north 🎽🔥
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The problem with social media is there's a million people out here trying to act like someone else, if you can't be yourself on the internet to a bunch of strangers.. what do you do in person?? 🤓🤓 my Sunday Sunday involves a lot of cooking #letsworksummer2k17

Stay focused on achieving your set goals, eliminate all distractions and keep grinding towards success. You got to believe in yourself and aim high in order to push yourself further.
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What a fierce line up this was as well as an opportunity of my dreams! The @wbff_official
La Pro Am show was its biggest yet with over 150 athletes. Have to thank @sharonpolsky and @allisondillett for such a Fantastic and Amazing event.
To all my friends, clients and family who have sent me so many beautiful messages I just want you all to know My heart is so full of warmth from so many of you who have offered up so much love and support. I can not help but be filled with gratitude and feel the blessings I'm surrounded by. Thank you, thank you!!! I'm very fortunate to be able to do what I do and to have discovered my true work, which has given me the greatest strength and ability to always push through adversity and accept all things as an opportunity. Getting to share this with those I love and care about is a gift I will never take for granted.
This journey I'm on and the work I do is an honor I've been blessed by through the grace of GOD. This life allows me my chance to remind others that limitations are here to create strength and growth, that dreams are achieved through hard work and commitment and that through faith we can live a life of total fulfillment.

ROCK THE U!!! Xoxo

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Lovely to meet all these girls today to practice our posing, honestly harder than it looks and more tiring than cardio 😂👙👠Good luck to all the girls on their shows @laurabardsley @rachel_l_w_ @drruthvtodd @jasminecaiin @katiewarren1988 .

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Great posing practice today with my coach I feel much more confident now but still a long way to go I know I'll be so nervous on stage!

It's been a while instagram.... 😘

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