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Happy lunch! Aka this is me running in the rain outside on my deck to take a photo of this bowl then running back inside like a crazy person. Doin it for the gram as always. This pasta sauce will be on my blog soon and it's so good! Summer produce is my favorite (especially tomatoes) so wanted to do a sauce incorporating them. Added some fresh spinach because I'm a healthy betch (lawl). Also, have you checked out my VEGAN beauty & fashion review Instagram yet? It's called @janereviews. Also, did you add me on that snap yet? It's plantbasedjane. Hope you're having a beautiful day 😘

Lunch today is simple 😌 Loads of green beans, baked sweet potato, avocado, chickpeas, and cherry tomatoes with spinach and later dowsed with nutritional yeast (always) 😜 Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend so far!

Hey lovelies,

Do you remember my VEGAN TIRAMISU I made a while ago? 😍 Well, I have finally uploaded the recipe video on my Youtube Channel!! Let me know what you think about the video, I still need to practise a lot so I need advice. 🙊☺️ You can find the recipe in German on @eatthisorg´s Blog, in English under my Video and in Hungarian on my Facebook Page! I wish you all a lovely evening! I have just made some strawberry-apple crumble 😋 Have you seen it in my insta story? It´s nearly all gone! 😅 I went to the gym this morning with @thatsbecc and we also filmed! I´m excited to edit the video and upload it for you! 😊💪🏻 After gym I went to Lück´s, a vegan café in Berlin and had brunch with Instagram friends. It was so nice. ☺️ Now Philipp and I are going to a house party but I´m so tired from all the cycling and gym. What are you doing this evening?😊

Tudjátok, hogy hol volt tegnap a barátom, Philipp? Magyar nyelvtanfolyamon!!! 🎉🤗 Már elkezdett egyedül is tanulni, de így már tényleg intenzívebb lesz. Annyira kis lelkes! Emlékeztek, hogy egy hónapja posztoltam a vegán tiramisumat és ígértem hozzá videót de valahogy nem jutott rá időm, de most végre!!! A recept magyarul fent van a Facebook oldalamon már. Remélem tetszeni fog a videó, kérlek írjátok meg, hogy legközelebb mit változtassak vagy akár én is benne legyek? Ma nagyon sokat sportoltam, hulla vagyok de mindjárt megyünk egy házibuliba Phlilippel, de nem fogunk sokáig maradni, mert muszáj aludnom.😅 Szép estét nektek!

Lust for life🌹
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'Organic’ strawberries regularly sell for up to twice the amount of regular ones, but many consumers are being fooled when it comes to how natural their strawberries are.

Chemicals such as methyl bromide are used to fertilize the soil before many strawberries are planted, and a lot of soil is so sterile that special hybrid seeds have been produced just to be able to survive in it. . .
“The soil is, as a matter of fact, full of live organisms. It is essential to conceive of it as something pulsating with life, not as a dead or inert mass.”
– Albert Howard, The Soil and Health, 1947

The over-sterilizing of soil has led to the death of micro-organisms that have contributed to the ecosystem for as long as people have been growing crops. Thousands of years of cultivation has been killed off in just a few years of heavy pesticide use.

Nearly 90% of all U.S strawberries are grown in California, where not a single nursery is organic. Nearly all seeds before the fruit bearing stage are sprayed with chemicals to kill off any potential threats to the yield, hence rendering them un-organic.

Annually there is 9.5 million pounds of pesticides used on U.S strawberries to keep them bug free, but at the great expense of the integrity of the #strawberries.

Methyl bromide which is commonly used on strawberries is banned for use on many other crops, but somehow #strawberry farmers have evaded the ban.

A similar compound known as methyl iodide is sometimes used as a replacement. According to Ted Schettler, MD, MPH, science director at Science and Environmental Health Network: “Everyone agrees, without exception, that methyl iodide is a very toxic compound. It’s very reactive. That means it interacts with living tissue in very #toxic ways, causing cell damage and damage to cell structures, DNA, or chromosomes,”. #uglybynature
Source: http://livetheorganicdream.com/dirty-little-secret-organic-strawberries-arent-really-organic/

My hubby's home!! And to celebrate, I'm going to make another batch of my current favorite VEGAN ORANGE CHOCOLATE CHIP SCONES to serve with fresh watermelon and coffeeeeee...which I love to have on special occasions☺️🎉☕️
GET THE RECIPE for these SCONES from the link in my profile 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼

Most amazing raw vegan food I ever had!!😍🌱 Think about the food you put in your body and how it effects our environment🌏 #earthday #earthday2017 #raw #vegan


Post-workout fuel: green tea with goji berries + gluten free oatmeal with homemade almond butter and coconut oil 💪🏻
Colazione post-workout: tè verde con bacche di goji @gustovivobio e porridge di fiocchi di averne senza glutine con burro di mandorle e olio di cocco 💪🏻
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Wishing I was running London today... I ran it in 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2015. Every one of them was special for different reasons, but 2014 (left and top) and 2015 (bottom) were really special. In 2014 I was injured for the whole of February and 2015 was my first sub-3! 🏃🏽‍♀️ . . . . #london #londonmarathon #vlm #marathon #runner #vegan #vegangirl #veganrunner #plantpower #runsonplants #fitness #fitnesslifestyle #vegansofig #fife #happiness #memories #outdoors #running #trainingworks #sub3 #runnergirl #runlikeagirl #likeagirl

Ein schnellen guten Morgen an euch, wir sind schon wieder fast weg! Letzter Tag von unserem Marathon Wochenende! 😅 Heute habe ich mal ein Melonen Boot gemacht mit einem Einhorn als Käpt'n! 😉🦄⛵️! Ich wünsche euch einen wunderschönen Sonntag und bin dann mal weiter feiern 🎉🌈🦄⛵️🍉🥝
A quick good morning to you, we are already almost gone again! Last day of our Marathon weekend! 😅 Today I used to make a melon boat with a unicorn as a captain! I wish you a wonderful Sunday and I will continue to celebrate 🎉🌈🦄⛵️#berlinvegan#breakfastvegan#frühstückvegan#deutschlandistvegan#govegan#healthyfoodshare#fruits#vegan#vegangirl#vegansofig#veganfoodshare#veganfortheanimals#whatveganseat#whatveganseatforbreakfast#unicornfood

Via @veganvip ・・・
Earth Day? You can't be an environmentalist and eat animals.

Raising animals for food requires massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water. The byproducts of animal agriculture pollute our air and waterways.

According to scientists at the Smithsonian Institute, seven football fields’ worth of land is bulldozed every minute to create more room for farmed animals and the crops that feed them.

Chickens, pigs, cattle, and other animals raised for food are the primary consumers of water in the U.S.: a single pig consumes 21 gallons of drinking water per day, while a cow on a dairy farm drinks as much as 50 gallons daily.(4,5) It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of cow flesh.

In addition to polluting the environment, factory farming produces the most meat, milk, and eggs as quickly and cheaply as possible and in the smallest amount of space possible, resulting in abusive conditions for animals.

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Comme le disait Sniper dans les années Gelélup " Les élections arrivent et j'ai toujours pas fait mon choix. Par qui j'me sens représentée ? Pas par un seul de ces mecs là. Donc où est la nécessité d'aller leur donner des voix ? T'empêches le FN de monter, moi c'est comme ça que j'le vois. " Oui je fais de la politique, non je ne sais pas faire dans le politiquement correct. Je sais que Marine sera au second tour, je m'en offusquais aux dernières élections, cela me semble normal cette année. Je comprends les motivations de ceux qui désirent se tourner vers elle. Mais ce n'est pas la solution. La haine n'est jamais la solution. J'ai vécu 10 ans sous le règne d'un maire Front National. La culture a été abolie, la parole raciste s'est libérée, les conflits se sont aggravés, et rien de positif n'est arrivé. Créer ça à l'échelle présidentielle serait mettre un doigt dans un engrenage sans fin, sans but autre que celui d'envenimer les choses, encore et encore. Ne vous laissez pas aveugler par la peur. Ensemble nous pouvons changer les choses : Liberté Égalité Fraternité 🙌🏼🇫🇷 . #vegan #veganfrance #veganmarseille #frenchvegan #whatveganseat #govegan #veganfood #instafood #food #pornfood #veganpornfood #vegetal #vegetarien #vegetalien #veganism #vegangirl #crueltyfree #marseille #fucklefn #fhaine #allezvoter #presidentielles2017 #jlm2017 #viensontente

Lunch time 😋 just whipped up this burrito bowl & omg it was so good! Did you know 1 cup of black beans provides you with around 15g of protein? & 1/2 an avocado provides you with around 3g 💪🏽 ditch the meat & get that plant power! 🌱👊🏽 it's lighter, healthier & kinder! ❤️#veganprotein

Raw vegan chocolate from @plantlife_budapest_raw_vegan. It's really amazing product. Fantastic flavors, light, soft enough, not too sweet. I can highly reccomend. Ingredients: Raw cocoa butter, raw cocoa powder, xylitol, mint oil. Cacao content min 80%.
Nyers vegán csokoládé a @plantlife_budapest_raw_vegan csapatától. Szuper jó termék. Fantasztikus ízek, könnyed, kellően puha, nem túl édes. Mindenkinek csak ajánlani tudom. Összetevők: nyers kakaóvaj, nyers kakaópor, xilit, mentaolaj. Kakaótartalom min. 80%.

Another pointless post.

Sonne ☀️ und eine grooooße Tasse Kaffee ☕️ machen den perfekten Sonntag Morgen 💕 #goodmorning #sunday #sundaymornimg #spring #coffee #sunshine #breakfast #selfie #girl #vegangirl #vegan #vegandeutschland #whatvegansdrink #plantbased #happy #energy #haveaniceday

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