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Which toast is your pick?😌💘🍞🍫✨ Topped with chocolate spread, apple slices, frozen berries, dark chocolate, shredded coconut & banana slices 💖 Love this sweet breakfast!⚡️✌🏽

Pancakes filled with raspberries and covered with an overload of chocolate & peanut butter by @vanessa.valicious 🍇
Recipe: 240g wholemeal flour. 200 ml almond milk. 240 ml water. 1 ripe banana. 40g margarine. a pinch of salt.
First melt the margarine. Meanwhile blend the banana and mix it with salt, water and almond milk. Now add slowly the melted margarine and the wholemeal flour.
Let the dough rest in the fridge for 20 - 30 minutes. Then you put always a small amount of the mixture into a pan at low heat. Fry every side about 1 minute.
Now you can fill the crepes with fruits, pb and some chocolate spread.

How's your weekend been? 😀 Mine has been petty chill so far! Cooking, photos and binge watching Big Little Lies. Anyone else watched it yet? 😀📺 Anywhoo I'm throwing it back to one of my fav layered chia puddings! Coconut chia pudding, puffed quinoa and berries 😋👅👅 Have a great day! Love y'all, Rachel xo
Blog: rachelsfitkitchen.com
Facebook: rachels.fit.kitchen
#vegan #coconut #chiapudding

How about some chocolate almond cookie lurvvve this Sunday? It would be rude not to!😜 I've been experimenting with gluten free flours of late and I'm not a huge fan of the all purpose varieties. I prefer a wholefood kind like organic Almond flour as it kicks a powderful nutrition punch 🤛 and has lots of natural healthy fats to keep cookies moist! Buuut it's very thirsty so takes a bit of tweaking here and there. These turned out super delicious with the right amount of crunch and a little soft and chewy in the middle 😍🍪Will post recipe later if anyone wants it. I love to serve mine with homemade cashew and cinnamon milk👌🏼"
Happy Sunday everyone! 😘

You know you're day is looking good when you have all these on your table! 😍💚💕🙌🏻
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When we miss our Friday #Fryday posts, we're sad.

Then, when we remember on Saturday and get inspired to make some delicious seasoned oven-baked fries, we're happy.

Thank you to @happyveganhiker for this happiness-inducing photo a perfect belated Fryday share on Saturday.

Some of you may not see this until Sunday, and we're okay with that extension on the happy feelings 😊😊😊🥔🥔🥔 Photo by #happyveganhiker

Good morning and happy sunday💜 I don't have anything special to tell today but ofc I'm showing you some breakfast inspo🙈✨ Vanilla @mamapatscha spelt semolina porridge with frozen berries, banana, amaranth granola and cacao nibs🙏🏻😋 Have a nice day ☺

Multi-sport training sessions for today included: cycling, running, legs, chest, and some calisthenics. Finished strong by repping 7 sets of dumbbell presses which included 100s/120s/150s/155s. Video clip includes footage from the set of 120 and 150 lb dumbbells.
Nutrition: @eatwhatelephantseat
Training group: @ironbrukal
Gear: @craziesandweirdos


IT'S MY BIRTHDAY 🔞 and what better way to celebrate turning 18 than with chocolate and tahini for breakfast 🍫🙌🏼 I honestly can't believe that I'm an adult now; in many ways I'm not where I thought I would be at this age but I'm so proud of what I've achieved and everything that I've fought for over the past couple of years because heck there were times when I thought that I wouldn't even see 18. I'm so grateful to have such a supportive mum, amazing work colleagues and to have met some incredibly inspirational people on here and I can safely say that I'm entering adult hood happier and stronger than I've ever been. I'm so proud of the person I've become and I know that I've got a bright future ahead of me ☺️ Me and mum are off to Liverpool today to celebrate as I've found an amazing looking plant based restaurant to visit, before my main birthday trip to London on Tuesday which I'm so excited for - mainly because of all of the foooood 😍😍 but for today's breakfast it's chocolate + oat protein nice cream with homemade vanilla buckwheat granola and lots of tahini 🎉

Breakfast. 💛
Last night was amazing. I met many old and ooooold friends and just sat six hours in a restaurant (after celebrating all day with them)and still felt we had thousands of memories to share. Hearing stories especially from friends who are ten and over years older than me made me so happy. I mean here we are making new memories and telling them ten years later. Recovering has really made me so emotional. 😂💛

En ce dimanche matin j'avais envie de vous présenter les petites merveilles dégustées à Copenhague dans une boulangerie vegan et sans gluten "Naturbageriet" avec un large choix de pâtisserie, pain et épicerie vegan ! Le genre d'endroit parfait ou on est allé tous les jours car notre Airbnb était juste à côté. Et mention spéciale pour ces deux pâtisseries à base de pomme et cannelle 🙌🏼🇩🇰

Når marcipan er en leg!😊 Vegansk lagkage med hindbærskum #veganfoodshare #madmedmedfølelse #konditor #veganlife #vegansofig #veganism #veganlife

Goooodmorning Lieve dadelvrienden💙💙wij beginnen deze heerlijke lazy sunday met een super gezonde Nicecream😍😍en als topping gebruiken we zelfgemaakte muesli😍😍onwijs lekker en super easy om te maken!! Wat gaan jullie doen vandaag??! Recept vind je hieronder⤵
1 banaan
100 gram bevroren mango
3 Yogi & Yousef dadels ontpit💙
Optie: cardemom/kaneel/ cacao/vanille
Doe alles in de keukenmachine en puls geleidelijk. Mocht het allemaal niet goed willen mengen, kan je een scheutje water/vegan melk bij doen

Als je een ijsmassa krijgt, haal je je nicecream eruit. Maak je keukenmachine schoon en doe alle ingredienten in voor de muesli😍

Topping Yogi&Yousef Muesli
3 Yogi & Yousef dadels ontpit
2 eetlepels havemout
2 eetlepels kokoschips/kokosschaafse

Doe alles in de keukenmachine en blendeee maar!

Top je heerlijke nice cream af met deze heerlijke muesli en Enjoy!!💙😘 Happysunday!
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• Sundays at Columbia Road 🌺 • planning on filling my new room with flowers just as soon as I've finished unpacking the 22 million bags of stuff I own 🙈 I'm so conscious of not hoarding stuff and being tied down by material possessions but yesterday taught me that I consider a lot 'essential'. Oops 🙊 but if you're stuck for things to do today and won't be watching the London Marathon then get yourself down to one of my favourite places in London 💕 ps. There's a little Spanish cafe at the end of the road that is pure heaven and makes me feel like I'm back there 🇪🇸 #flowers #london #sundayfunday

Yoga asana cat..

Good morning 🤗 I love such days when you don't have to rush, but spend it with your loved ones, listen to good music and eat yummy food 💚
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Din dins. 🌈 #abieatsinspo Simple and yum organic goodness - you can also find this easy (crazy purple) favourite recipe for 'The Beetroot Stuff' on my blog. Pretty much DELICIOUS with everything! 🌿Swipe right to see pic of me making it 🥗🌶

My little daughter had the choice of pretty much anything at the @nzveganfair but she knows what she wants and loves @doubledutchfries. I am with her...they are the best around. No nasty cr@p, just hand cut Agria potatoes cooked right in front of you and topped with great sauces. Little one likes the tomato sauce. I like the satay, vegan mayo and onions.🙌 #whatveganseat #vegan #veganfood #vegan #veganfoodshare #vegatarian #zerowaste #delicious #meatfree #yummy #foodgasm #eat #streetfood #instafood #tasty #fries #dutchfries #foodie #auckland #newzealand #aucklandeats

Bei meiner Snackbar Eröffnung ist jedes 10te Softeis umsonst 🍦🤗 Kommt alle zur ERÖFFNUNGSPARTY von meiner ersten Snackbar. Es gibt leckere Burger, Pasta Bolognese, Softeis, Matcha-Shakes. Es gibt an diesem Tag auch 10% auf die Produkte in dem integrierten Attila-Store wie Bolognese im Glas, Nutwave, Matcha-Cookies oder Chokool. Termin: 1. Mai, 17 Uhr bis 2 Uhr. DJ ist vor Ort und legt gute Musik auf. Kommt vorbei, sagt euren Freunden bescheid und feiert den 1. Mai mal ganz anders! 😊😜🖖 Wenn ihr kommt, nehmt bitte an der Veranstaltung AUF FACEBOOK teil, damit ich sehe wieviel Leute etwa kommen ➡www.fb.com/AttilaHildmannOfficial 1. Mai, 17 Uhr in der Schillerstr. 71, 10627 Berlin! Gruß Attila
Suche noch Servicekräfte, Köche und Küchenhelfer. Bewerbung an snackbar@attilahildmann.de .
 #icecream #dessert #softeis #yummy #foodporn #food #summer #delicious #yum #instafood #vanilla #sweet #strawberry #gelato #benandjerrys #love #ice #cake #foodie #oreo #아이스크림 #sweets #magnum #cream #sundae #happy #caramel #baskinrobbins #helado #waffle

Ein schnellen guten Morgen an euch, wir sind schon wieder fast weg! Letzter Tag von unserem Marathon Wochenende! 😅 Heute habe ich mal ein Melonen Boot gemacht mit einem Einhorn als Käpt'n! 😉🦄⛵️! Ich wünsche euch einen wunderschönen Sonntag und bin dann mal weiter feiern 🎉🌈🦄⛵️🍉🥝
A quick good morning to you, we are already almost gone again! Last day of our Marathon weekend! 😅 Today I used to make a melon boat with a unicorn as a captain! I wish you a wonderful Sunday and I will continue to celebrate 🎉🌈🦄⛵️#berlinvegan#breakfastvegan#frühstückvegan#deutschlandistvegan#govegan#healthyfoodshare#fruits#vegan#vegangirl#vegansofig#veganfoodshare#veganfortheanimals#whatveganseat#whatveganseatforbreakfast#unicornfood

Happy Earth Day 🌍👍😃!!! Life is an adventure and we only have this ONE planet to play it out. VEGAN is the best solution to our world problems 🙏 go vegan and adventure on my friends 👍😃👽👽👽 #veganfoodie #vegan #veganfoodshare #foodie #veganrecipes #fitfamily #elixirmre #healthyfood #healtheating

It's my birthday today and I'm still high from my bands first gig last night. What a rush haha!

This afternoon my family will come over a high tea, @vegan.with.cats and I are baking as we speak!

Ps: I'm 33 years old now, if you want to give me a present, a comment on my young looks would suffice ;)

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