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Yay or nay? 💖✨
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Yay or nay? 💖✨
Tag your besties for comments ✨
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Time to look sharp ✖️
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Good night✨😘😘😘

Hell's gate

クラッチショルダーバッグ ¥3,990+tax
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No pressure 💸

Mannnnnnn this Sh*t gave me the shakes.... my lil Dawg Beast'n! Who want some!? #JJ #Shreveport #iSupportwatsUniquelyMines


for freedom
I choose to be me
against all the odds
i'm not here
to fit in a box
i want to fly high
to touch
the fluffy clouds
to encounter
a new horizon
to live
away from the chaos
to touch
all those memories
which were once mine.

and suddenly
the darkness knocked
on my door
to cage me up
I screamed again.. In frame : @yashasviwalia .
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Spent some really nice hours drinking coffe, chatting around about traveling and life and taking some portraits with @veronikatonkha its always important to me to get to know the person behind the picture.
Always up to meet some new people, share some thoughts and take some pictures of course. So leave me a comment if you are really interested!

an old stool with a story. although i cannot tell what story exactly in the sense of very accurate factual details, like, who it belonged to or where it was bought from or if it was anyone's favourite and things like that. all i can tell is that it once was actually liked by the buyer and preferred over other available options. that it was then a brand new, shiny stool fresh from a furniture shop with plastic wrappings intact. that it was used, and well used until it lost it's utility altogether and was cast off as junk. was it because a part of it's cushion had parted ways with the whole? was it because that smooth paint was peeling off revealing the rusty beneath? was it because the metal frames were finally being challenged by those pesky cracks developing along the joints? or was it simply because the owner had upgraded his/her furniture and decided that the old stool was unbecoming to a new interior design plan or something like that. and that perhaps the torn off cushion and peeled off paintwork were simply the natural result of prolonged exposure to elements (and feral cat-scratches to go with it.) whatever the story, there it stood with defiance, this old stool right next to a concrete wall -- still a thing of metal, still daring the winds to knock it down and the dust to try engulfing it. still challenging the air and the rain to create as much rust as they can. still calling out to the sun asking how much can it burn really. i looked at the stool, and considering the state in which it was, i thought it much resembled the 'quaint, little bundle of age-old values and ethics' - timeless in essence and yet subjected to gradual oblivion in modern times. the thought, though probably idle and weird to many, somehow, somewhere touched me, making me sad. and i decided to drink that sadness along with the cup of tea i had in my hand. this method of dealing with sadness also happens to be one of my favourites, by the way. | iphone 4 shot 📱| bangalore 2017 | #mobilephotography #ordinary (???) #object #musings #iphone4 #art #artforheartssake #peace ^^

Oggi andiamo dal ferramenta 🔨⚒🔩🔧 #ferramenta #lessico #vocabolario figurato #vocabolario #vocabulary #litalianoacasatua #corsoditalianoonline #corsoditaliano #jj #cool

- Buongiorno e Buon onomastico a me -

Sunday Mornings, how are you spending today 📷 Matthew Henry

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