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Last night I attended my great friends, essentially a brother, @miketaylor_s2 30th Birthday Party.
As I sat there an looked around the patio surrounded by such amazing friends & family, many of whom work in one of our companies, many of whom believed in our vision when there was no reason to believe...I thought to myself "How did I get this lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people".
You know I rarely use the word "luck"...but I cant think of a more appropriate word in this situation.
The people that Im surrounded by on a daily basis are nothing less than the highest quality humans on the face of this earth! ...and thats not some mushy exaggeration fueled by emotions....I mean it literally.
These are the types of people that represent all that is right in the world.
They will pick you up when you are down.
Kick you in the ass when you need it.
Be the first to reach out with a helping hand to those in need.
and be the first to fucking bury someone who hurts one of our own.
Whatever role you play in this amazing network of people...No matter if its a supporter of @1stphorm, @s2faction, The MFCEO Project...whether you are a friend, employee, parent, Legionnaire, Athlete, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend...whether its a like, comment, share on my page or one of our companies...a word of good will...whether we have met in person or not....I just want you to know...I APPRECIATE YOU.
Thank you all so much for being who you are. Im not a super emotional guy, but when I look around and take a minute to take in the REAL IMPACT you all make on this world it makes me VERY FUCKING PROUD to be a small part of this group!
Mr. T & I thank you for being fucking awesome humans!
Take a moment today to take inventory of the people you are grateful for.
And if you're reading this wondering what the fuck Im talking about...you're welcome to join us and find out.

Just something to think about...
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Muitas pessoas fazem jejum intermitente, a fim de perder peso, pois é uma maneira muito simples e eficaz de restringir calorias e queimar gordura. Ao jejuar, os nossos níveis de açúcar no sangue caem significativamente e também a insulina. Há ainda o aumento no hormônio do crescimento.
Em resumo, o jejum intermitente torna a sua vida mais simples, ao mesmo tempo em que melhora a sua saúde. Pode ajudá-lo a viver mais tempo e a se proteger contra doenças, incluindo doenças cardíacas, diabetes tipo 2, câncer, doença de Alzheimer, entre outras.
O jejum intermitente se tornou muito conhecido nos últimos anos, e vários tipos/métodos diferentes surgiram. o método 16/8 Do Jejum Intermitente; Coma-Pare-Coma (Eat-Stop-Eat); dieta 5: 2 do Jejum Intermitente, estão entre as mais comuns.
Já fez um destes métodos? O resultado te agradou?

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Cada entreno suma...

This full video is fire - full link in bio - my FRIENDS ITS TIME !!!!


#EntrepreneurshipTale :

The gothic and grunge Rick Owens: Known for exhuming his own personality into his fashion line.

The global fashion industry has numerous fashion designers, but a few stand out for their unique designs, ideas and even own style.

Rick Owens (@Rickowensonline) is one such designer.
Via @flairtalesinternational

Read Full Story at : https://www.flairtales.com/gothic-grunge-rick-owens-known-exhuming-personality-fa-shion-lines/

#FlairTales #SuccessStory #designer #style #fashion #custom #determination #patience #entrepreneurship #womenwear #fashiondesigner #Entrepreneurship

When you used to rhinestones of course you wouldn't know how to handle a gem 💎.

Despite my injuries and not running since my last Spartan in October (shhh, I know!😉)I am pretty stoked with my results!! That was a gruelling course this year. Slippery, goopy thick mud had me dancing while I was running! 😂 The obstacles were awesome as always! I loved the rotating bar, had me swinging by one hand sometimes but I did it!! Shoutout to all of the rad volunteers for the water, snacks and of course the awesome support along the way! @spartanrace Thank you again! You never disappoint!💪 #aroo See you in June in Vancouver!
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Nearly forgot to take a picture 📸. SP soup before dinner later, also had an orange 🍊 trying to get the speeds in ☺️ #speedfoods #spsoup #healthyliving #healthylife #foodoptimising #foodie #determination #motivation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #slimmingworld #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldfood #slimmingworldmafia #swlife #swinsta #sw

Astuce basique pour pas payer l'avoine instantané deux fois plus cher que de l'avoine...

Got to walk/jog with olive for almost 6 miles, then had a little fun monkey'n around 🐒🐕🏋💪⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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