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🤰🏻👀 By now you've probably seen one of these kinda pics before but I was so amazed myself that I just had to share. Look at the difference between me coming straight out of bed and me in the evening🌝✨ .
We all know there are only 2 reasonable explanations. 1. My stomach is kinda bloated due to all the food it had to digest during the day🍝 2. I got abducted & impregnated by aliens👽 Although I'd love to see what my half alien baby would look like lets talk about option nr 1 aka bloating🤰🏻
Although most of us instagirls seem to have a flat tummy 24/7 we really don't. Most pictures on the internet are posed and show sucked in and flexed bellies😶 Great and all but it can give you a disformed idea of reality. Cause yes, I also get affected by what I see on the internet. I have stood in front of my mirror many times wondering why I looked like I was carrying triplets whilst all other fitgirls seemed to have a flat tummy all the freaking time🤷🏻‍♀️🤔 .
We like to show our "best" sides online and that's also okay!💕 However from time to time we might need a reminder that no one walks around looking "perfect" every single second of the day. It's normal for your tummy to expand a bit during the day. I mean hello, where did you think the food you eat goes?!😅 .
Be happy that your body digests all that food cause if it didn't you wouldn't be living that much longer😵 Angrily staring at your bloated belly isn't gonna make it go away. Might even make it worse.. stress isn't good for your tummy at all🙈 .
Appreciate that your body is constantly working to keep you alive!🤗 Damn your body sounds like a good friend, right? So treat it like one! Start loving your body! Your body is not your enemy but your ally!🤝 Work with it and not against it. If you love your body no one can take that away and you'll be stronger than ever! LOVE YOURSELF!❤❤
Ps. In case it turns out I'm actually carrying an alien baby I'll keep you up to date! What shall I name him/her?!👶🏻😂 #somanythingstotakecareof #willmybabyevermeetherdad? #gonnabeasinglemum

Good Morning loves 💙 Our new PHILIPPINES Video 🇵🇭 is online: YouTube "pilotmadeleine" (Link in Bio) 😘 See how we swim with Whale Sharks 🐋, take a dip under turquoise Waterfalls 💦 and much more ☺️
Guten Morgen ihr Süßen 💙 Unser neues PHILIPPINEN Video 🇵🇭 ist online: YouTube "pilotmadeleine" (Link im Profil) 😘 Seht wie wir mit Walhaien schwimmen 🐋, in türkisene Wasserfälle springen 💦 und vieles mehr ☺️
Danke an mein ❤️ @iqbalgran für das Schneiden des Videos 👏🏽😍

How about some chocolate almond cookie lurvvve this Sunday? It would be rude not to!😜 I've been experimenting with gluten free flours of late and I'm not a huge fan of the all purpose varieties. I prefer a wholefood kind like organic Almond flour as it kicks a powderful nutrition punch 🤛 and has lots of natural healthy fats to keep cookies moist! Buuut it's very thirsty so takes a bit of tweaking here and there. These turned out super delicious with the right amount of crunch and a little soft and chewy in the middle 😍🍪Will post recipe later if anyone wants it. I love to serve mine with homemade cashew and cinnamon milk👌🏼"
Happy Sunday everyone! 😘

You know you're day is looking good when you have all these on your table! 😍💚💕🙌🏻
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I had THE BEST vegan pancake and home made hummus, so felt obligated to share😋 If you are ever in Chiang Mai do not miss the opportunity to eat at Bodhi Tree Cafe! 🥑😋🥗 They have all Vegan and Vegetarian options in the menu #yummy #fit #eatfit #eatclean #vegan #veganfood #vegaterian #veggie #food #foodie #cleaneating #vegansofig #happy #fooddiary #travel #share #travelling #travellingmermaid #restaurant #meal #breakfast #breakfasttime #morning #thailand #cuisine #chiangmai #hummus #pancake

Put your pinky ring to the moon 🌠🎧💫. #BrunoMars #EnergySong #18km #run #runnersworld #earlybirds #run #Sunday #April


Wow, when I was cooking this morning it felt like a lot of food but when it is all laid out it doesn't seem like a lot. Anyways, #iifym then that's all that counts. Good is prepped and ready for the week. What are you cooking?

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i love sleep, because it's like a time machine to breakfast 😋 happy sunday 💓

Sunday morning breakfast in bed

Rolled oats...banana...mixed berries.. cinnamon....mmmm

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What do you think the secret to a good life is?
Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude. 👉🏼 Tag a friend who needs to hear this 😉
💗 Happy Sunday 💗
📸 via super talented @artrawpaulina 🙌🏼

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